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Pinto Beans (25lb) - Ships Oct 25
Pinto Beans (25lb) - Ships Oct 25
Pinto Beans (25lb) - Ships Oct 25
Pinto Beans (25lb) - Ships Oct 25

Pinto Beans (25lb) - Ships Oct 25

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FREE SHIPPING of Pinto Beans (25lbs) 253 Servings! 20-30 year shelf life when properly stored. 

We offer staple emergency/bulk food buckets that will last for decades and give you peace of mind in a world that is very unpredictable. We use the highest quality ingredients that are: Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and all natural products. 

These are not those expensive, ultra processed, low calorie, poor nutritional, small serving emergency kits.  Our products are real food, real servings, sustainable and are foundational to every diet.  We use a safe 3-step process: FDA approved buckets, mylar bags to preserve for years, Oxygen absorbers for long term shelf life.  Plastic buckets alone will NOT preserve your food over time like our competitors use.  Mylar bags protects the food from oxygen, light, and moisture from getting to the product. 

- Open sealed bag, remove Oxygen absorber & discard
- Rinse beans well with water
- Cover 1 cup pinto beans to 3 cups of water for 12 hrs
- Slow cook covered until Beans are tender (2 hrs)
- Add more water if needed
- Season as desired & serve

*Shelf Life: 20-30 yrs when properly stored in a cool, dry, dark with temps between 55-70 degree (F).