Pet Products

MAX'S FLAX PET LIGNANS™ (30 Servings) Studies show Max’s Flax Lignans™ help improve overall health in pets.* Veterinarians recommend our powerful antioxidant lignans which have shown to boost pet’s immune system, fight cancer, help reduce inflammation in the joints & hips, healthy skin & coat, Cushings Disease and overall health. It may help as an immune boost, anti-inflammatory, joint, hip, skin, coat, helps fight cancer and tumers. This overall helath products is safe for ALL pets. Flax Lignans are NOT the same as whole, ground or flax oil. Your pet would have to take an enormous amount of flax to equal this concentrate found in the hulls of Max’s Flax.™* Our source of lignans is the only product that has been mechanically separated without heat or chemicals & the richest source of SDG & Omeg 3&6.* It maintains no harmful side effects & 100% natural and safe.* Consult your veterinarian before your pet takes any dietary supplement especially if pregnant or taking other medications. Sprinkle 1/4-1 scoop per day on your pet's food. Usually 1/4 scoop per 20lbs and best if taken over long term.