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     QUALITY - We source all our products personally from hard working American farmers.  

     PRICE - We usually meet or beat any price

     INTEGRITY - We use legit 3rd party testing on all our products.  We are Food Safe Certified and GMP and HACCP certified. 

     TECHNOLOGY - Our propriety processing and extraction technologies maintain the full bio active nutrients from USA grains.  

WHAT IS CBD?  - Studies have shown in humans and pets, in addition to overall health benefits, it may help with: Headaches & Migraines* Anxiety & Depression* High blood pressure* Helps with sleep* Inflammation* Heart Disease* Pain Relief* Joint Relief* Diabetes* Seizures* Acne & more* Unlike its close relative, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is completely non-psychoactive. This allows for all the benefits from the many health properties of the Cannabis plant without the negative side effects of “getting high.” We are licensed and deal only with hemp that contains less than .3% THC.  

  1. CBD is a Main Component of Cannabis
  2. CBD Oil Won’t Get You High
  3. CBD Oil from Hemp is Legal
  4. The Human Body Produces Cannabinoids, and CBD Oil Helps activate the CB1 nerve receptor in the brain 
  5. CBD Oil Effects Several Neurotransmitter Receptors

WHAT KIND DO I TAKE? (Full, Broad or Isolate) 

  • Full Spectrum CBD contains all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and all the Heathy oils found in Hemp.  There is more than just CBD.  Although CBD is the strongest Cannabinoid there are also CBG, CBN, CBC, and hundreds more.  This has the greatest effect. However there is a small amount of THC under .3%.  This has best results from anxiety, sleep issues, pain, etc and usually taken at night. 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD is like Full Spectrum and contains many of the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and healthy oils but the THC has been removed. 
  • Isolate CBD is just one Cannabinoid CBD and contains no THC.  Some people experience more alertness when taking just CBD.  


  • Full Spectrum Hemp oil contains all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and all the Heathy oils found in Hemp.  
  • Our hemp protein powder is on the highest plant based protein super food
  • Our hemp hearts contain some of the highest levels of amino acids Omega 3 & 6. 
  • 100% USA Grown and Processed Hemp
  • Highest Potency, Highest Quality & Lowest Pricing
  • No Additives or Flavors
  • Pure Hemp Oil Carrier plus MCT for better brain barrier 
  • Female Hemp Plants (No Stalks)
  • 100% Legal and Safe (<.03% THC)
  • Our CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • We strive to only deliver the highest grade at the LOWEST priced products. 

We recommend starting out slow with a few drops and holding your preferred dose under the tongue for approximately 20-30 seconds before swallowing, to experience the dose’s full effects.  Always consult your physician before taking. Store in a cool dark place; shake well before each use.

Bottom line we know our CBD works and encourage you to try for yourself.