Ultra Max Flax Lignans cheapest 2 pack
Ultra Max Flax Lignans cheapest 2 pack

Flax Lignans (2-Month Powder)

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  • Ultra Max Flax Lignans are the hulls or shell of a flax seed and are the richest source of lignans and provide up to 800x more lignans than other plants, and up to 30x more than flax seed oil or ground flax
  • Flax hull lignans are phytoestrogens which balance out hormones in both men and women, reducing cortisol
  • Each serving of powder contains flaxseed hulls and standardized SDG lignans from flaxseed hulls to provide a consistent 35 mg of SDG lignans. The flax hull is very highly concentrated SDG Lignan extract from flaxseed.
  • Regular flaxseed contains the embryo of the seed, which is where the oil comes from. Our product contains only the hull of the flaxseed, where all the benefits reside, and has a higher amount of lignan than regular flaxseed.
  • Farm to Table, Product of the USA. Great on cereals, yogurts, smoothies, or baking and cooking. 
  • All Natural, Gluten and Allergen Free, Kosher, no preservatives, no additives, not genetically engineered